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Digital MFC service

Digital mass flow controller (MFC) service


Dear visitors we would like introduce to you a new services for digital MFCs.

We are providing cleaning, repair, changing gas medium, flow range, calibration and leak checking for digital and analogue both models.

To get detailed information please visit our service page: http://flokal.com/service

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Flokal flow equipment


FLOKAL® - the ultimate resource for:

MFC's  accessories - Valves & Accessories - Gas-systems & Accessories;
Thermo-elements (spike and profile);
Gas/Liquid Filtration and Purification & Accessories;
Vacuum measure and control devices.

Flow Meter and Flow Controller Solutions by Flokal B.V.

Flokal flow solution portfolio contains breakthrough product innovations designed to solve problems, increase profits and save costs. We have brought on the Flow Measurement market Thermal, Ultrasonic, Variable-area, Turbine, Orifice, Electromagmetic and Coriolis technologies of flow meters and flow controllers.


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