Metal Tube Rotameter Overview

Flokal B.V. Metal Tube RotameterIn comparison to the glass tube rotameters, metal tube rotameters are compatible with much higher temperature and pressure and render superior mechanical strength and durability.


  • No need for straight pipe section upstream
  • High accuracy, repeatability and linearity
  • Can be used for liquid, gas and steam
  • Low  cost compared to other types
  • Ease of installation and replacement
  • High pressure compatibility
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Wide selection of connection types(Flange, PT, NPT, ANSI, JIS, etc.)
  • Wide selection of materials(306 SS, 316 SS, Metal, etc.)
  • Wide choice of options(Control valve, strainer, digital ouput, cooling fin, damper, heating jacket,  etc.)
  • High accuracy, repeatability and linearity

Owing to their simplicity, low-cost but high-reliability nature,  these meters have found applications in a wide variety of industries including but not limited to paper/fiber, steel, petrochemical, food/beverage, air-conditioning, water treatment, chemical, etc. industries. Even with the rapid growth of new  technology meters such as ultrasonic, electromagnetic and Coriolis meters, this type is still one of our steady sellers.

All the meters are calibrated accurately before shipment and shipped with test and calibration report to ensure the accuracy of the meter. The scales are inscribed with easily visible marking and can use the unit of the customers choice(index, percentage, actual flow(cm3/h, SCFM, etc.))

Meters that exceed the standard flow  ranges can also be manufactured.

Flow Meter and Flow Controller Solutions by Flokal B.V.

Flokal flow solution portfolio contains breakthrough product innovations designed to solve problems, increase profits and save costs. We have brought on the Flow Measurement market Thermal, Ultrasonic, Variable-area, Turbine, Orifice, Electromagmetic and Coriolis technologies of flow meters and flow controllers.


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